Recently republicservices108 and had the opportunity to tour the york county solid waste authority had known my 50k view mark was about reached and had vids at the time so decided 200th view special […]

This is one of best to date me and iws15 got the opportunity to go on tour of the york county solid waste authority if you have questions on the or tour please comment york county solid waste authority facility tour summer episode […]

Finally got some outdoor footage and the main reason why got it was because of the mattress that they took am going to try to continue to upload new footage every week thanks for ing york waste disposal trash pickup […]

County news minute is produced by wycg tv in york county virginia county news minute […]

Educational promoting the three rs to kids ages to region of york […]

Upset residents and officials on the us army corp of engineers to up the creation of plan to clean manhattan project radioactive wastes from the tonawanda landfill ﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊ atomic waste worries in tonawanda ny […]

Description york county waste to energy facility […]

Recycling numbers gauge local economy palm beach county trash […]

We released eleven squirrels seven rac and one red fox onto our cedar ridge facility in tennessee following their rehabilitation the animals were brought to local wildlife rehabilitation rehabilitated animals released onto waste management land […]

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